Most companies prefer to conduct telephone interviews before meeting in person. If a phone interview sounds easy enough not to prepare for ahead of time, don’t be fooled; what’s actually easy at this point is making a fatal mistake that can cost you the job. For phone-interview success, follow my three-part breakthrough strategy for phone interview success:

  1. Take the telephone interview at home, not on a cellphone or in the car on the way to an event. Telephone interviews are usually the precursor to a face-to-face interview, and they can make or break you.
  2. Unless the interview is a video teleconference, the interviewer can’t see you, but he or she can still make certain assumptions about you by the tone of your voice—I’m sure you’ve discovered for yourself that you can hear a person smile over the phone. So smile!
  3. Stand-up during a phone interview. Consider the phone interview to be an athletic competition. When you’re standing up, your diaphragm is full of air. You will have more energy and will come across as more actively engaged. If you’re sitting down or distracted or having an otherwise not-so-great day, you’ll project negativity in your voice over the phone.

Phone interviews are inevitable. If you succeed, you’ll be asked to continue on – so, how you approach it is crucial!  Learn more about how you can prepare yourself to be the candidate they’re looking for by visiting,