Over the last couple of posts I’ve shared several top tips for optimizing your LinkedIn profile so you get noticed. Here are the remaining essentials for you to implement when establishing or updating your LinkedIn presence:

Skills and Endorsements. LinkedIn provides plenty of additional opportunities to expand on your experience and expertise throughout the profile. Take advantage of these additional fields to further detail what you can bring to a prospective employer:

  • Skills. You’re allowed to select fifty skills that demonstrate your expertise. You can arrange your top-ten skills in a rank order and then list another forty skills.
  • Endorsements. Once you have selected your skills, LinkedIn users can endorse you based on that specific skill. Endorsements, like keywords, increase your search visibility. According to LinkedIn, the more endorsements you get on skills, the more often you will appear in search results.

Interests. Why are these important? Recently our firm had a client specifically ask for us to find a controller who likes to fish for bass or snowboard. We found a controller who loves to snowboard and also happened to fit the client’s position requirements, along with being a good cultural fit. He was offered the job. Your interests, whether you like to fish, snowboard, or dance the tango, can help you land a job. Don’t lose out on opportunities because you didn’t complete a field on your LinkedIn profile.

Groups. Being an active participant in a LinkedIn group is the first step to gaining recognition as a thought leader. While there are over two million groups to choose from, LinkedIn limits you to fifty. Join at least one and create discussions that are in your industry niche, are interesting or engaging, and compel a reader to comment. Showcase your expertise. The point of being active is to drive links and traffic to your profile. The more engaged you are, the more chance of different opportunities coming your way.

Education, Organizations, Volunteering. Be sure to complete these fields. LinkedIn reports that members who list a school in their profile get seven times more views, and one in five managers hired an individual because of their volunteer experiences.

Bottom line: the more complete your LinkedIn profile, the more often you will be searched, found, and identified for your expertise as it relates to new job opportunities.