When it’s time for the interview, your interviewers will come from different motivations. Whether they were passed up for the promotion, asked last minute to join or have a stake in the hiring decision, they will all be armed with their own “trick” questions.


Having been in this business for a number of years now, I’ve amassed a list of more than sixty questions that can catch you completely off guard if you are not careful. I’ll share some of these questions with you and how to successfully answer them:


“What Is Your Ideal Company, Location, and Job?”

This question will come from someone who is an experienced interviewer and thinks you are overqualified for the role. Instead of showing her hand in objection directly, she uses the question and lets the candidate reveal the answer. The best way to answer this question is to describe the company you are interviewing with as your ideal company, location, and job. You must go out of your way to make them feel at ease by expressing genuine enthusiasm for the position and credible reasons why you will be happy to join their organization.


“What Are Your Greatest Strengths?”

As a candidate, you don’t want to come across as egotistical or arrogant, but you don’t want to appear too humble either. Ideally, by the time you receive this question, you’ve already identified your interviewer’s primary wants or needs from you as a candidate. To be ready for this question, prepare a mental list of your strengths in your head prior to the interview. Think of an example or two to illustrate those strengths.


“Why Are You Leaving Your Current Company? Why Did You Leave Your Previous Company?”

The interviewer is looking for your motivation and patterns in your career that may provide insight. The trick with this question is that you must be diplomatic and never bad-mouth your current or previous employer, staff, boss, or customers. Never be negative—ever. Be transparent with your current situation, no matter what it is.


“Why Should I Hire You?”

This is a killer question, because so many candidates are desperately unprepared; they hesitate, they stammer, they ad lib. If that’s how you answer, you’ll completely blow the interview. Usually this question comes at the end of an interview, so the best way to answer is to apply what you’ve learned in the interview. Avoid the mistake your competition is going to make by answering the question with a litany of qualifications that really don’t tell the interviewer anything new or describe the value they bring to the company and position.


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