What makes Mike Sudermann different?

Mike has talked with tens of thousands of hiring managers, reviewed over eighty thousand resumes, interviewed and advised thousands of professionals throughout his executive search career. Bottom line he knows what hiring managers look for in resumes, what they want candidates to say in interviews and as a result how to help professionals secure interviews and land roles while earning the best possible compensation.

Why Mike’s Resume templates vs what I can find on the web?

His resumes are battle tested, have worked very successfully for professionals and also he knows what hiring managers, recruiters and applicant tracking systems look for in a resume.

Why do I need interview advice, I have done just fine over the years?

Answer this simple question, who is supposed to talk the most during an interview? The candidate or the interviewer? If you answered, the candidate, yo u are wrong. Furthermore, if you are the only person doing all the talking that is what we call an interrogation? Our professionals go on interviews, they have conversations with the interviewer and best of all, they know exactly what the hiring manager wants them to talk about so they can customize their answers specifically to what the interviewer is looking for. Furthermore, we teach meat-on-the-bone interview questions to ask the interviewer. You also learn trick and trap questions so you are prepared for all challenges. Our interview advising teaches you how to position yourself as the #1 must hire candidate and thus receive the offer and the best compensation. Lastly, why settle for the national average of 12% increase or possibly less when you could earn potentially over 30% increase.

What guarantee is there that I will receive an increase in compensation more than the national average of 12 percent?

We guarantee our 1:1 Interview Strategy Session 100 percent. See details on our services page. (highlight services)

What service or resource is best for me?

Great question. We are not sure and is why we have two options for you with our Resources and Services. If you purchase a resource and decide you want or need more hands-on approach we have our services (highlight) (see services to learn more). If you decide to go with a service option we will apply the cost of your resource to the service option of your choice plus additional discounts that applies with our services.

What is the difference between working with Mike Sudermann and another recruiter?

Mike is a specialist and is consider a highly sought after executive search specialist. He typically works with the cream of the crop top 15% executives within an industry and niche and only with professionals who command at the bare minimum $100,000 a year in salary. More often than not, the executives he works with are earning over $200,000 a year. Additionally, it is rare for Mike to work with human resources, rather he works directly with the person hiring for the role and is why he has worked with and talked to over 14,000 executive hiring managers in his career so far. The flip side is the recruiter who works on any job with anyone at any level but generally works with human resources. Their candidates come off job boards and they are accustomed to working with human resource departments who place ads on job boards etc. Resumes are written so they can be found on job board postings. While there is nothing wrong the basic recruiter, bottom line, the level in which most recruiters work is nowhere near the level Mike works. If you are a mid-to-senior level executive looking to make a career leap or re-engineer your career, why settle?

Can I just read the book and do it on my own?

Sure. The book is written in such a way that you can do everything on your own. However, if you want to expedite the implementation of the chapters and ensure you land sooner than later with a great role and great compensation, then Mike has made resources and services available.